• June 6, 2023

How to Tell What Readers Want & Give It to Them

How to Tell What Readers Want & Give It to Them

How can you truly tap into your readers' needs in order to create and promote more valuable content? Find 10 tips on how to tell what readers want here.

what are beta and sensitivity readers? ⭒ what’s the difference, do you need them, how to find them

so you wrote a book. now you need beta readers and sensitivity readers—they’re a must. here are the differences between betas and sensitivity readers, why you need them, and how to find them��

⭑ resources
⭒ GoodReads Beta Reader Group: https://bit.ly/35WcAIx
⭒ https://www.writingdiversely.com
⭒ https://writeinthemargins.org
⭒ https://writingwithcolor.tumblr.com

⭑ justice
⭒ https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co
⭒ https://www.forbreonna.com
⭒ https://useyourvoice.carrd.co
⭒ https://dotherightthing.carrd.co
⭒ https://www.usa.gov/voting

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OVER THE COUNTER READING GLASSES: How to pick the correct strength of ready made reading glasses

OVER THE COUNTER READING GLASSES: How to pick the correct strength of ready made reading glasses

This video will explore 5 methods on how to pick the proper strength of ready made reading glasses.

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What Do They Want To Tell You..(Tarot Reading)..