• June 6, 2023

What Is Law Firm SEO?

What Is Law Firm SEO?

Law firms benefit from an optimized site that generates website traffic and attracts new clients online. Learn the fundamentals of Law Firm SEO here.


SEO (search engine optimization) is a very valuable tool for law firms when it’s handled correctly, and on the latest episode of the Justice Team Podcast, Bob Simon picks the brains of the best in the business — Maria Monroy, Chris Dreyer and Jason Hennessey. They cover everything from reviews and local service adds to managing content and monitoring intake.

SEO Services for Law Firms, Lawyers, and Attorneys

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Watch this video to learn:
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Attorney SEO | Lawyer SEO Ultimate Guide

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If you’re an Attorney there is one tactic that is materially more effective than all other forms of Digital Marketing. That tactic is SEO.

Now, if you’re a seasoned lawyer you may have had bad experiences with SEO Agencies. That’s because the industry is rife with self-proclaimed experts, below board operators and general SEO companies experimenting with Attorney SEO on your dime.

I’ve learned alot from from managing millions in Paid Media on Google Ads and Social Media platforms for premier law firms. I have also learned a ton from ranking countless Law Firms sites in highly competitive U.S markets.

When I reflect back on all of our campaigns and statistics, the data shows me that when SEO is done properly, it is the undisputed champion.
Video Goal
My goal with this video is to help you create the ideal SEO plan outline for your law firm. Execute the plan in-house or discuss the plan with your current or future agency partner.

You will also know exactly how to interview a Legal SEO agency.

And whatever you do, do not hire an agency that works in multiple niches. Their employees are toggling between campaigns in different industries and this prohibits them from understanding all of the nitty gritty details of Lawyer SEO. Make sure you hire an agency that only works with Law Firms and can demonstrate their previous successes.

Let’s dive into your Attorney SEO Plan.

The first part of the plan I am going to share is the most overlooked tactic. I see even well reputed agencies and competent SEO professionals overlook this step. This is typically because they have pre-designed SEO plans they are looking to apply to all new clients.

That approach will not work for your Law Firm. Especially in competitive markets.

I’m talking about competitive analysis. In order to craft a winning strategy; you need to know certain information about competing firms taking up valuable space on the Search Engine Results Page.

Next is Local SEO. Local SEO is all the best practices associated with ranking number one in Google Maps. Which is a massive money maker for law firms. You are going to want to start by optimizing your Google Profile Manager, big legal directories and citations.

The next category is your website.
Your site design is often left out of the SEO conversation. But, I am here to tell you that the highest impact SEO campaigns are tied to beautifully designed websites.

Think of SEO as a One-Two-Punch. First, you need quality organic traffic. Next you need that traffic to convert. Design, User Experience and Conversion Rate Optimization best practices all play an integral role in whether or not that conversion takes place.

So it’s decision making time. If you have some good SEO traffic but it’s not converting. It may be time for a redesign.

Category number 3 is technical SEO. I know I run the risk of putting you to sleep with this topic. But Tech SEO is the foundation of a great campaign.

Site Structure
Start by making sure your site structure is flat, organized and simple. Over time you will likely end up with hundreds of pages.

On to category 4, which is On-Page SEO.

On-page SEO starts with comprehensive Keyword Research. For every page on your site you should have documented Keyword Research. The document should highlight the core keyword and additional keywords you’d like to rank the page for. It should also include speculative metrics like Monthly Search Volume and Keyword Difficulty scores.

From there, you will want to export your current On-Page SEO elements like Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, HTML Headers and Alt Tags to Excel or Google Sheets.

Based on the keyword research, Google Analytics Data and previous experiments; you can start to make decisions about priorities and how you want to make your updates.

I do recommend a consistent structure for Title Tags. Crafting Title Tags and Meta Description copy is often a collaborative process. But make sure to use the core keyword at the beginning of your Title Tag.

Next category is content. Here is the process for creating amazing content:

Step one is research. Keyword research, topic research, curation of existing successful pages and a review of those pages.
Step two is creating the outline with explicit instructions to the writer. Make sure to solicit feedback on the outline from your partners and other key employees. While the SEO company may nail the outline, your subject matter expertise can be a huge contribution to content planning.
Step 3 is putting a high quality writer to work. There may be several iterations until the whole team signs off. Don’t rush the process as the goal is to produce the highest quality content in your local market.
Step 4 is uploading and optimizing the content. I recommend using custom images and avoiding stock photography when possible.

And lastly, don’t forgot to build amazing links to the site!

SEO For Law Firms

In the first video of our SEO for Industries series, we take a look at the highly competitive, and lucrative, legal industry. With these top SEO tips for your law website, you can get better rankings and visibility on search engine results for your law-related keywords.

00:00 Introduction
00:29 Law firm SEO best practices
2:00 How to start a blog for law firms
3:16 Top citation platforms for law firms
4:59 The perfect site structure for a law website

Tip number 1: Incorporate the following best practices in your law website:

– Avoid using superlatives like “best” or “highest rated” in your Meta descriptions since that is frowned upon by some state bars. Check to see what restrictions are placed on law firm marketing in your respective state.

– Use the rating schema to show your ratings by past clients. You can use a “legal service” schema markup to define your business as a law firm. This will specifically target users searching for legal information, leading to an increase in your click-through rate.

– Make use of our recommended keyword research tools to leverage the data and target the best keywords for your business.

– Be consistent with your NAP information.

Tip number 2: Get started with a blog on your law website:

You can write a blog around any legal topic that ranks well. But, it doesn’t hurt to have the experts (us) show you the top 5 topic clusters around which your law blogs can revolve:

– Legal advice in your area of expertise
– ‘What to do next’ guides
– Law-related news and updates
– Common legal misconceptions people have
– Long-form content on FAQs

Tip 3: Claim your law website on top citation sources:

With citations, you are getting your law firm’s details listed on important business directories. These details typically include your business name, address, phone number, and website.

If you want to score a position in Google’s 3 pack, citations are the Holy Grail for you. That’s because links and mentions from authoritative legal websites and prominent local business directories are like votes for your website. In this video, we talk in detail about the following top 6 citation sources for your law firm:

– Avvo
– Lawyers.com
– Findlaw
– Yelp
– BBB.org
– Yellow Pages

Tip 4: Spend some time getting your site structure right:

Have great content for your law website? That’s awesome. But if that content is not smartly distributed and displayed on your website then you’re not maximizing your advantage. With a proper site architecture, you’ll know which type of content belongs where. In this final tip, we walk you through the ideal website structure, showing you how to organize your homepage and inner pages for better crawlability and a smoother user experience.

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