• June 6, 2023

4 Digital Marketing Strategies Every Law Firm Should Be Using

4 Digital Marketing Strategies Every Law Firm Should Be Using

Here are four important digital marketing strategies that can help your legal website climb the SERPs and get new clients.

Social Media Marketing for Lawyers – A Strategy that WORKS!

Did you know that lawyers should NOT use social media to generate leads? Well, at least THIS type of lead? Watch this video to get your answers!

Bill Hauser dives into the world of social media and how to optimize your content for your law firm. This social media strategy requires a mindset shift from your definition of a lead being a consultation. If you can detach from your original marketing beliefs, Bill can open up your FUTURE BANK of sales from these two main principles for doing social media the right way.

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Digital Marketing Strategies for Law Firms

We spoke with Paul Evans about how law firms can better differentiate themselves with a digital marketing strategy. We covered what law firms need to erase from their marketing content, how to repurpose content for more SEO benefits, and why LinkedIn company pages are just “not that valuable.”

Discussion Content:
00:00 Introductions
01:39 What are some clichés we should avoid on social media?
03:56 What are factors that can differentiate law firms?
06:24 Defending marketing plans to lawyers
08:12 LinkedIn company pages versus personal pages
11:42 Dealing with the short life-span of social media posts
13:24 Strategies for repurposing content

Join the BD Roundtable to hear Paul respond to these issues:
Marketing strategies for different types of law firms
Free technology solutions we can use
How to track engagement from social media to your website
What type of content does well on social media?
What is a law firm website that does a good job in SEO?

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Website: https://www.torodigital.com.au/

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The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing for Lawyers

Chris Hunter guides you through the 4-R system to SEO success!

#1 Legal-Marketing Strategy for 2023 and beyond!

Learn why all small law firms need to build their foundation with word-of-mouth referrals. With this powerful legal-marketing strategy, you can limit your risk while maximizing your returns on each case. Once you’ve had success, then you can always scale to other forms of legal advertising like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, etc.

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