• June 6, 2023

Video Aids 95% Of Enterprise B2B Buyers In Conversion [Survey Results]

Video Aids 95% Of Enterprise B2B Buyers In Conversion [Survey Results]

Get the key findings from a recent survey of 300 enterprise-level B2B buyers on how they use video to inform purchasing decisions.

224: How Remarkable Content and AI Can Enable B2B Sales

Show Notes: https://bit.ly/2LKNQx6

What do a premium content strategy and conversational AI have to do with driving revenue? Perhaps unsurprisingly, quite a lot! Content raises awareness and nurtures leads, and after the human handoff, Sales teams can use AI tools to assist them to close.

In this episode, ringDNA CMO William Tyree shares a behind-the-scenes look at the AI-powered sales enablement platform’s remarkable content strategy, starting with the acquisition of Andy Paul’s Sales Enablement podcast. He also discusses why businesses shouldn’t be afraid of conversational AI tools—they aren’t here to replace Sales, they’re here to augment and assist them. Check it out!

Written and Directed: Drew Neisser
Audio Production: Sam Beck
Show Notes and Video Production: Melissa Caffrey
Music: Burns Twins
Intro Voice: Linda Cornelius

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How Sellers Reach B2B Buyers 1080p

Reach B2B Buyers Before They Make a Purchase Decision

Demonstrate Your Firm’s Abilities to Solve Business Problems in the Form of Quality Business Solutions:

Application Stories
Case Studies
Market Research Reports
New Product/Service Profile
Press Releases
White Papers

Help B2B Buyers discover the perfect business-to-business solutions for their needs.

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